Getting the most out of your manager

The relationship you have with your manager is an important one and it is something that you have influence over. To get the most out of your manager, try to understand how they like to work and think about their perspective.

Creating a positive relationship with your manager   

It takes time to build the relationship with your manager. Get to know your boss and provide them with better support by:  

  1. Finding their preferred communication method and frequency. Do they like having daily face to face catch ups or do they prefer a weekly email update?  

  2. Try to identify what drives them: 
    • Their targets and goals. This will align you both and help you work together to achieve each other's objectives.  
    • When are they most under pressure, are there regular days or times when your boss is under pressure? If so, try to time your demands of them for times when they are less pressured.  
    • Their strengths and weaknesses. Try to compare yourself and your boss's strengths and weaknesses. Can you fill in their blind spots that they are weaker in? You may be able to help them out by working together.  
  3. Understand expectations from the outset. Look to understand what you need from each other to work efficiently. What information and support do you need from each other?  

“Getting the most out of your manager- A professional behaviours discussion” 

When your relationship with your manager is not working.  

Sometimes the relationship you have with your manager may not be as good as you had hoped. This can happen for a variety of reasons. If it happens to you then try to stay positive and remember:  

  • It’s an opportunity for you to improve your understanding of how your work with others. Try to reflect on why the relationship isn’t working so well and identify if there are any small changes you can make.   

  • It may be an opportunity for skills development and becoming better at your role.  

  • There may be a chance to improve your leadership skills  

  • Don’t let a difficult relationship with your manager put you off a career path, it may help to speak to one of our Careers Consultant if this is having a significant impact on your work.

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