Build experience

Consider the broad range of opportunities available to you which can help to build experience including ideas for short-term experiences and continuing professional development (CPD).

Use these resources to identify options that feel right for you. For information about graduate jobs and further study, use the Discover What's Out There  section.  

Discover What’s Out There

Many graduates try out different options by taking time out to pursue short-term experiences. Learn about some of these options and how to discuss your experiences with recruiters.

Belonging to professional and social networks/communities can help you to explore career options and make connections.

Find out the many benefits of volunteering, how you can do it and where to look for opportunities.

Try incorporating learning into your career planning – whether it’s something you do for enjoyment or to contribute to your career goals, it’s a great addition to your CV.

Being proactive and reaching out to employers can make useful contacts and may secure you some work experience or other opportunity.