Develop an internship or work experience programme

If you have students who work regularly in your area, or you would like to have consistent student input to your work, there could be an opportunity to develop an internship or work experience programme.

The Careers Service runs the Employ.ed on Campus and Employ.ed for PhDs  internship programmes.

Employ.ed on Campus

Employ.ed for PhDs

As experts in developing and running work experience programmes, we can help you to develop a personal development programme for students, link you and the students into a wider peer network and support you with recruitment. 

Why do it? 

By offering an internship or work experience programme to our students you will be helping to foster in them a sense of the University as a welcoming community, in line with the values embodied in our 2030 strategy. You will: 

  • demonstrate your commitment to supporting students gain work experience  

  • join networks of peers (both student interns, and line managers) 

  • gain student insight into your area of work and projects 

  • benefit from support from experts in the Careers Service 

What makes it an internship or work experience programme? 

Characteristics of internships and work experience programmes are: 

  • a defined goal or output; your students could be working towards this collectively or working on individual projects that relate to a wider goal.  

  • a framework of development support and training 

  • one, or perhaps two, rounds of recruitment per year, with interns being on-boarded together    

Things to think about  

There is groundwork involved in setting up an Internship or work experience programme. The Careers Service can help you decide whether it’s feasible by working through these questions: 

  • what is the goal/objective of setting up an Internship Programme and what will the output be? 

  • how will you resource the Programme? E.g. recruitment & line management? 

  • What will the cost and benefit be?  

 How the Careers Service can support you  

  • The Internships and Work Experience team are experts at setting up and running work experience programmes. We can provide consultancy throughout the process 

  • We can link you into a network of staff who employ students so you can share good practice and challenges

  • We can provide a framework for students to manage their development, reflect on their learning and plan their next steps

  • We can advertise and promote your vacancies