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Applying the SACHA model to internal university challenges.

The Think Tank version of the Students as Change Agents programme was piloted in 2022/23 to see if the successful SACHA model of engaging students in experiential learning based around challenges posed by external organisations could be applied to internal university challenges.

The challenge questions were designed to address some of the complex issues thrown up by the Curriculum Transformation Programme (CTP), covering climate and environmental sustainability, experiential learning and student growth.

A group of students presenting their ideas.

The Think Tank pilot aimed to: 

A couple of change agents in front of their posters
  • Engage students meaningfully in CTP 
  • Generate fresh thinking around curriculum challenges 
  • Identify co-creation opportunities for students and staff
  • Provide opportunity for personal and professional development for students and staff 
  • Familiarise a wide range of staff with the SACHA model and experience at first hand the benefits of experiential learning
  • Contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 

Following the successful pilot, SACHA Think Tank has returned for 2023/24 with another set of complex challenge questions.  

Challenge questions addressed so far

  1. How might all students feel fully part of the university of the future and know that their growth matters?
  2. How might the university create opportunities for all students to learn by doing [experiential learning]?
  3. How can teaching and learning at the university enable everyone to take meaningful action to address the climate and environmental crisis?

Challenge questions for 2023/24

  1. How might students influence the design of courses at the University? 
  2. How can the University leverage A.I. to improve digital accessibility?  
  3. How might the University's heritage collections be used to benefit all students? 
University students and staff discussing ideas.
University staff and students discussing their ideas.

Presentation recordings on Media Hopper

You can view the ideas the Change Agents developed on our Media Hopper channel. Staff involved in CTP are already using the students’ ideas and planning to keep working with them, including through creating internships to specifically follow on from the programme.


Get in touch

We aim to build on the success of this pilot and are open to hosting challenge topics from additional areas of the university. Please get in touch with the team if you would like to be involved: