Socio-economic factors

Information and advice for our Widening Participation students

We’re pleased that many graduate employers are paying increased attention to the potential disadvantages, during recruitment, that you face if you’re from a Widening Participation background.  For example, you might not have been able to access extracurricular activities because of cost, or other commitments; or you might have fewer personal connections in particular employment sectors.  

To lessen the impact of these possible disadvantages many employers have adapted their recruitment processes, by, for example, no longer taking school qualifications into account, or by moving to a strengths-based approach. 

Strengths-based interviews

Examples of schemes which target Widening Participation students include the Civil Service Summer Diversity Internship programme.  

Equality and diversity issues and your graduate job hunt (information from Targetjobs)

The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) works with over 330 UK organisations on diversity and inclusion. You can find which employers they work with on their website:

The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei)

Online resources

We provide access to information and advice on e.g. 4 career tips for the underestimated, unconscious bias and being your true self at work and more, via a suite of e-learning resources. 

Culture and Diversity e-learning  (University of Edinburgh login required)