Handle pressure

Advice on how to develop skills to handle pressure while studying and at work.


When it comes to handling pressure good time management and workload management, the confidence to say no, and the ability to ask for help are all key elements.

Why is this important? 

  • During your studies and at work, good time management and workload management will help you to be productive and meet deadlines 

  • You will avoid unnecessary stress if you: 

    • plan ahead 

    • prioritise

    • feel able to ask for help when you need it 

    • know when to take on an extra piece of work and when to say no 

  • This will also help you to achieve a good work-life balance, where there is space for your other commitments like family and friends – and this is important for your wellbeing! 

How can you develop these skills? 

The University offers workshops and resources on time management and other topics through the Institute for Academic Development: 

Institute for Academic Development

You’ll need your University of Edinburgh login to access these resources: 

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