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Assess your strengths and skills to help you make decisions about your career

In reaching your decision to apply for a Masters you will already have taken your strengths and skills into account. Develop this self-reflection further.  

Skills developed through postgraduate study 

You will be developing and demonstrating many skills and attributes through your postgraduate research. Some questions to get you thinking about this are:  

  • What skills do you use to plan and complete your dissertation? These will include innovation and creativity, organisation and planning, analytical and problem solving, verbal and written communication, and more.  

  • What specific technical skills do you use?  

  • What problems have you overcome and what challenges have you faced? These will provide you with evidence that you have skills such as problem solving, persistence, and overcoming obstacles to achieve goals.  

Skills developed through other activities  

Think about what else you have been doing in addition to your studies as you will have developed skills through a wide range of experiences. Employers will be interested in any experience or involvement you have in:  

  • Work experience; full-time, part-time, voluntary, internships  

  • Participation in sport, music, or other activities, as an individual, team member or coach  

  • Committee membership - through your Masters responsibilities or social activities, e.g. member of the postgraduate studies committee, the library committee, the Ballroom Dancing Society  

  • Caring, or other family commitments  

In the same way as you did for postgraduate study, you should think about the skills and attributes you have demonstrated through these other activities. Here are some ideas to get you started:  

  • Using listening skills, negotiating, presentation and diplomacy on the postgraduate studies committee  

  • Working under pressure, managing your time and communicating with all types of people in your part-time job as a waiter  

  • Demonstrating clear communication, patience and problem-solving skills as a volunteer athletics coach 

Use the Strengths Assessment to reflect on your skills and identify any areas you would like to further develop.  

Strengths Assessment   (University of Edinburgh login required)

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