Sharing your disability

Advice on whether, when and how to share your disability with an employer.


When and how to ask for adjustments

You do not have to tell an employer about your disability. When you ask for reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process or at work your employer can't ask for proof that you need these adjustments. The employer is not allowed to ask for evidence that you have a disability, or to ask questions about it.

Whether or not you tell an employer about your disability is up to you. However you should ask for the adjustments that you need, to make sure you are not at a disadvantage.

There will be opportunities at each stage of the recruitment process for you to request any adjustments.  When you’re considering what to do, bear these points in mind: 

  • the sooner you ask, the sooner they will be able to put adjustments in place

  • if you decide not to ask for adjustments it means the employer cannot be held liable under the Equality Act 2010 for failing to make them, as they were not aware of the requirement for these

  • the employer should keep this information confidential so don’t worry about your new colleagues knowing unless you have made it clear that you are happy for this information to be shared



We work in partnership with EmployAbility, an organisation which can provide you with individualised advice and support about adjustments for recruitment and the workplace, information about your rights, and support with your applications. The EmployAbility team will also advocate for you with an employer to ensure you receive the adjustments you need, taking any stress and anxiety out of the process. 

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