Introduction to the Careers Compass

What is the Careers Compass and how can it help you?

Introduction to the Careers Compass 

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What is it? 

The Careers Compass can help you review what you've done, explore your options, plan next steps and chart progress along the way. It's designed to help you take small steps  throughout your time at university. Everything we offer is clearly linked to the Careers Compass so you can see where you are developing, identify possible gaps and plan your year ahead. It has five key elements: 

Understand Yourself

Discover What's Out There

Build Experience

Become Professional

Make it Happen

It’s hard knowing where to start and it can feel overwhelming.  The Careers Compass is designed to help from whatever point you are starting.  Whether you are in first year or final year, focussed or unsure, it can guide you with suggestions of what to do and when. Time is precious - use the Compass to help you make the most of it.  You can build up: 

  • awareness of what you want, what you are good at and where to develop further 

  • awareness of possible options, different sectors, employers and ways of working  

  • different types of experience where you develop valuable skills and personal qualities 

  • confidence in understanding what it takes to succeed in the things that matter to you  

  • confidence in knowing how to find and create opportunities, make informed decisions and do successful applications 

How to use it 

  • Look at each segment of the Careers Compass and see our suggestions for actions to take at each stage in our student guide:

Student guide to the Careers Compass  

  • Really busy? Feeling under pressure? Just started thinking about it? Try the Quick start suggestions to get you going 

  • Look at our events and resources to see what will help.   

Use the Careers Compass notebook to record what you have done already, plan what you could do next and capture your notes or comments. Save the notebook in a folder or portfolio e.g. PebblePad

Careers Compass notebook (400.76 KB / DOCX)
Careers Compass notebook (533.6 KB / PDF)

Try our toolkits

We've created some online toolkits covering different segments of the Careers Compass. You can access these on Careers Service Plus (UoE login required).

Careers Service Plus toolkits (UoE login required)