Hiring international students

Our international students make up over 44% of our student population and offer a unique set of skills and experiences


The University of Edinburgh’s international student population offers a unique set of skills and experiences.

  • Motivation - our students are motivated, enthusiastic and have a highly developed work ethic. They are keen to see a return on their substantial investment in their UK education and are driven to succeed.
  • Language skills - international students often speak more than one language and this can be a key factor in markets for your product or services.
  • Intercultural communication skills - whether it is your overseas office or a new business partner, you could profit from your graduate's ability to adapt to other communication practices.
  • Cultural awareness and knowledge of foreign business practices - many students have worked outside the UK and have experienced different business approaches. Their knowledge of a foreign market can give you an added dimension.
  • Thinking skills and new ideas - international graduates bring a different perspective to business problems and provide original and creative solutions.
Recruiting international students in the UK is straightforward and we are here to help

Permission to work in the UK - the facts

Scotland’s Migration Service provides information about visa and immigration rules relating to hiring international staff for businesses in Scotland. You can book an appointment with an immigration lawyer to get advice specific to your organisation’s needs. 

Scotland's Migration Service - Support for Employers

Our international students make up over 44% of our student population and come from 167 countries 
  • 13% are from EU countries, with large numbers from Germany, Greece, France, Spain, Italy and Ireland.
  • 31% are from non-EU countries. Students from China form our largest international contingent, followed closely by the USA.
  • other large numbers of overseas students are from Canada, India and Malaysia.

Details on student numbers by School, College, gender and domicile

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