Career management skills and insights

This page focuses on the element ‘careers management skills and insights’. It provides a description of the element, highlights its relevance, and provides examples of careers management skills and insights in the curriculum.


Planned space within the curriculum for students to gain career management skills and insights and to be encouraged to engage in timely career planning.

Note: ‘Career management skills’ can be broadly defined as the skills, attributes, attitudes and knowledge that individuals require in order to manage their career.

Relevance for student development, employability and careers

This element prepares students for ongoing career management in a dynamic and uncertain labour market.  This skill is critical in enabling students to navigate the job market long after their studies and make confident career choices.  By embedding this in the curriculum, we ensure that all students give thought to their futures while they have full access to the support and opportunities available, and develop their capacity for successful lifelong career management. 

Tips and things to consider

Below you will find some key tips and guidance to consider when incorporating career management skills and insights into curricular provision.


Examples of practice in the University of Edinburgh

There is diverse practice across the University that can be used to stimulate thinking about what is possible in your setting. 

Below is a link to a range of relevant practice from the Teaching Matters blog.  The examples come from multiple parts of the student experience and relate either partially or substantially to this element.  New articles are automatically added so check back in the future to discover some of the latest practice.

Teaching Matters: relevant articles


Further reading and external perspectives

The references below provide some background on this element as well as some of the external drivers and motivations for including it. 

Note: ‘Career management skills’ can be broadly defined as skills, attributes, attitudes and knowledge that individuals require in order to manage their career however in much of the literature the terminology around career management is often conflated with the broader concept of employability.  In the literature below you will therefore see reference to both ‘career management’ and ‘employability’.


These references pull together a range of literature both on strategic benefits of incorporating career learning into the curriculum, and on positive benefits for students in terms of their confidence in making career choices.