Reviewing your curriculum

Knowing your provision is key to planning and implementing changes and curriculum development. On this page you can find two ways of reviewing your curriculum regarding the 10 elements.


Three-stage self-review cycle, moving from reflecting, through planning to evaluating.
Self-review process

The ten elements were drawn from research and practice across the higher education sector.  These elements are not exclusive to student development, employability, or careers – done well, they support high quality learning and teaching.

While all elements can enrich any discipline, how they appear in the curriculum and how prominent they should be will differ by context.  It is important that you work towards what is appropriate and optimal in your setting.

Both of the self-review templates support thinking about current practice, future plans, and what success looks like.  Please contact us if you would like support in reviewing, planning or implementing.


The self-review cards below are quite light-touch and will support quick thinking and planning about the 10 design elements.



The self-review template below is slightly more in-depth and allows deeper reflection and planning.