Impartiality and Ethics Statement

Impartiality and ethics in the context of the Careers Service


The University is committed to upholding freedom of expression, and facilitating an environment where all members of our community are able to inquire, study, and debate. 

As a member of the AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services), the Careers Service is committed to the Member Code of Ethics, including the profession’s principle of impartiality in all aspects of our work. 

Our purpose is to open students' eyes to the wealth of possibilities ahead of them, while at university and beyond, helping them to explore new avenues, tap into their talents and confidently shape their futures. We aim to inspire and empower every University of Edinburgh student to be the best they can be, to fully develop their potential and to achieve satisfying and rewarding futures.  

The Careers Service offers impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance, including access to resources and opportunities so that students and graduates can make informed choices about their future. We do not define what those futures should be.  


How this influences our work 

As part of the University’s 2030 strategy, we use the UN sustainable development goals as a framework for our social and civic responsibility and contribute to this in multiple ways 

We aim to offer world-class careers and personal development that is meaningful and relevant to every student, of every discipline, at every stage of their degree course.  We assess and respond to student interest and need based on factors including: 

  • how students engage with resources, sessions, and events organised or promoted by the Careers Service, including feedback we receive  

  • insights from our conversations with students across our services and activities  

  • survey data about our students and graduates, e.g. the Careers Service biennial student survey and the annual Graduate Outcomes Survey 

  • University population data, e.g. size of schools and stage of studies 

  • insights from stakeholders across the University community, e.g. schools, support services, Students’ Association and Sports Union representatives, societies, and clubs 

We provide students with the tools, resources and experiences they need to make informed choices about their futures, empowering them to reflect on their university experience, develop their skills and personal attributes, and understand how to market these and interact confidently in a working environment.  

We recognise our diverse student body will have diverse views and respect their right to express these.  

We have a dedicated team who help connect students with external organisations which reflect the diversity of our student body. We facilitate access to employer and professional networks offering opportunities that comply with UK employment legislation (or minimum quality assurance standards for non-UK employers). As part of our employer engagement strategy, we prioritise engagement with sectors, organisations and individuals that have strong alignment with: 

  • areas of student interest 

  • academic and thematic priorities for the University 

  • labour market areas of strength and growth 

  • labour market areas where entry routes may be difficult to access   

This means we target our proactive outreach towards certain sectors and occupational areas, providing additional support for additional support for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). This is reflected in the themes for our key campaigns and flagship events, which showcase and provide advice and insights into sectors. 

Our Policy for Working with Employers details how we quality assure the vacancies and events we advertise, and align to sector best practice.   


We welcome feedback from all our stakeholders, both what is working well and what could be improved, and have a complaints procedure where needed.