Connect with student societies

University of Edinburgh students are well-rounded and engaged in their communities. Our student societies are a strong facet of this, supported by the Students’ Association.

These peer-to-peer networks help students develop their interests, skills and meet like-minded people. And with over 250 societies to choose from, there are a huge range of interest areas for employers to connect in to.

These societies can open up niche areas of the student community. They are often open to sponsorship or employability workshops. Being student-run, leadership and administration of the societies usually changes on an annual basis, with the academic year.

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Edinburgh University Students' Association also have Liberation Officers. These roles work part-time to represent marginalised communities of students. They lead and support five Liberation Campaigns which exist to create a space where self-defining students can come together, discuss the issues affecting them, and campaign to improve their student experience.

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