Preparing an effective CV

Key points to consider when preparing a CV for any type of job.

An effective CV is one that gets you an interview. Follow our advice to give yourself the best chance. 

Target your CV 

When preparing any CV you should target it to the job for which you are applying. Adapt your CV for each application you make. 

To target your CV effectively you should: 

  • analyse the job description and person specification to see what is required and what you need to demonstrate 
  • present your evidence to match the job qualities sought - always consider the employer's needs 
  • give space and importance to relevant experience, skills and achievements 
  • order the sections of your CV by importance and relevance to the job applied for 

On Careers Service Plus you can find how to tailor your CV to the role (UoE login details required):

Tailor your CV to the role

Consider the layout 

Well-chosen language and a clear layout are also essential. Your CV should: 

  • outline your experience clearly, so it’s easy to absorb 

  • use headings which help you to relate your experience to the role applied for 

  • use bullet points or short phrases rather than long paragraphs of unbroken text 

  • be visually appealing (e.g. appropriate font, use of formatting) 

  • use positive language to convey your ability to achieve 

  • present education detail and work experience in reverse chronological order 

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