Information and advice for our LGBTQ+ students

The Equality Act 2010 makes unlawful any discrimination, on the grounds of sexual orientation, which covers heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality, or gender reassignment.  

What information you share during  the recruitment process is up to you. You shouldn’t be asked about your sexual identity at interview. Whether you challenge assumptions made, is again up to you.   

If you’re uncertain how to talk about your involvement in LGBTQ+ student societies or activism, talk to us. 


How to find LGBTQ+ positive employers 

When you’re looking at vacancies do your own checks to assess the company’s commitment to inclusivity. As part of this, consider the language they use on their website and in recruitment material. If it’s gender neutral this can be an indication that the company is trans positive. 

Finding LGBTQ friendly employers      (University of Edinburgh login required) 

If you’re planning to transition our recommendation is to discuss this with your employer so they can support you – but again, it’s your personal choice. 

You're welcome to book an appointment to talk this through with us.

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Equality and diversity issues and your graduate job hunt (information from Targetjobs)

Online resources

We provide access to information and advice on e.g. finding LGBTQ-friendly employers,  LGBTQ+ activity on your CV - in or out?  and being your true self at work and more, via a suite of e-learning resources. 

Culture and Diversity e-learning  (University of Edinburgh login required)