Job search for graduates

These resources provide information and advice for those seeking graduate level jobs in China.

Career guidance for working in China

A number of government run platforms provide graduate job hunting advice:

Chinese Government Careers Website

Chinese Government Job Search Engine


Beijing University Graduates Employment Information Network:


EOL - This platform has links to the University Graduates Employment Information Network in different provenances. This is not an official government website but it leads to official graduate employment websites from different provenances:


YingjieSheng - Public job vacancy website targeted at university graduates:


Prospects - This  graduate careers website has advice on finding jobs in China for all students.  (English language)


Job Websites in China  Below you will find links to various job websites in China.  


Chinese University Student Employment Website by the Ministry of Education - Information on returning to China, including where to look for work:

Chinese University Student Employment

NCSS - Portal for Graduate Jobs and Internships in International Organisations:


Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resource Service Co. Ltd. - a Chinese jobs website:


Lockin China – an online vacancy platform for overseas students returning to China:

Lockin China

GUCCU - Job portal specifically tailored to University of Edinburgh by LockinChina

GUCCU - Public vacancy platform for university graduates:

Ying Jie Sheng - Public vacancy platform for university graduates:

Ying Jie Sheng - A popular public vacancy platform (needs a Chinese mobile number to sign up):



Social media e.g. Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) is very active and may be useful to develop networks and potential job opportunities.