Physical Activity for Health

A background in sports can be a great avenue into improving people's health.

What's the sector like?

Physical Activity for Health can be a greatly rewarding area to work in, as it can have a massive positive impact upon the lives of your clients. It is also one of the sectors with the most obvious growth potential, as people are becoming more and more aware of the impact physical activity has on their health.

Where to look

  • The UoE Centre for Sports and Exercise - the Centre offers programmes and sessions focusing on wellbeing.
  • Charities - these roles aren't numerous as these types of non-profits tend to be run by smal teams and the majority of their roles are often-coaching based. However, it is a really constructive way to improve people's lives through sport, in a way that's accessible to them.
  • Private Exercise Facilities - some larger exercise facilities have teams dedicated to more health-focused programmes.

Case studies 

Here are just a couple of examples of groups contributing to health in the local community:

Edinburgh Leisure supports people to lead active, healthy lives whatever their age or fitness level, through the different strands of their Active Communities programme. For example their Fit for Health sessions support people with long-term conditions such as heart failure, respiratory disease or diabetes to manage their symptoms through physical activity. Find out how to volunteer with them.

Active Communities

Scottish Sports Futures is a charity that aims to inspire young people in the local community to make healthier lifestyle choices through sport.

Scottish Sports Futures