We've linked to key resources about graduate careers in tourism

Use this page as your starting point for finding out about working in this sector. 

These sector guides, produced by leading careers information providers, include overviews of the sector and more detail on specific areas. They contain suggestions of employers and, where relevant, further study. 

Overview of the leisure, sport and tourism sector in the UK (Prospects)

Travel and Tourism (Prospects)

How do I get a job in hospitality, leisure and tourism? (TargetJobs)

Eight top skills for travel and tourism careers (TargetJobs)


Below, we list profiles of some roles specific to this sector. There are also other roles which are common to this and many other sectors.

Each of the profiles we list includes information about: 

  • typical responsibilities in the role 

  • average starting salary range for new entrants 

  • entry requirements 

  • career progression 

  • professional bodies 

  • typical employers  

  • where to look for vacancies. 

Job profile: Air cabin crew (Prospects)

Job profile: Hotel manager (Prospects)

Job profile: Tourism officer (Prospects)

Job profile: Holiday representative (Prospects)

Job profile: Travel agency manager (Prospects)


To find out more about working in this sector follow our guidelines:

Careers research in simple steps