Wherever you are in your graduate career our graduate toolkits are here to support you. Whether you are not sure what you should do, you are ready to make applications or you have a job lined up and want to think more about how to make an impact.

Discover What You Want Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support you in thinking about what you want to do after graduation. This may be in the short or longer term. It will also help you talk about why you are applying for a particular job, which is a common topic in applications and interviews.



Make it Happen Toolkit

 This toolkit is designed to support you in putting your career ideas for after graduation into action. Focusing on researching the labour market, exploring the opportunities available to you, and building a successful approach to the recruitment and selection process


Become Professional Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support you with making a successful start in your first job, whether that's an internship or graduate role.  It will help you understand how to make the change from student to employee and navigating workplace culture.  

Whether you are starting an internship or graduate role and going into the public, private or not for profit sector, this toolkit is for you.