What you can bring?

Often graduates don't realise how much value they bring to employers. You are a graduate from one of the world's best universities, you already possess a lot of valuable skills and knowledge that you can bring to the table.

“The strengths of graduates in the workplace are the same things that made them excel at their degrees: their unique perspectives, curiosity, critical thinking skills and strong research skills. I think it’s key that graduates retain these strengths and make use of them in the workplace.”

A recent Employ.ed intern 

Bringing enthusiasm

Often graduates underestimate the value that they can bring to an organisation, you have a lot to bring as well as to gain as you progress through your early graduate career. Here are some simple ways to make a good impression and add value from day one.  

  • Giving a fresh perspective. Being from the University of Edinburgh, you are a critical thinker, you can provide a different viewpoint and give new knowledge to the team. 

  • Bringing high energy and enthusiasm are strengths we know employers really value in graduates. It can really help drive projects forwards and accelerate work within the organisation.  

  • Managers really value a strong work ethic, it shows you care. Putting in that effort will be worthwhile in the long run and you will see the benefits as you progress.  

  • Graduates now all have strong digital proficiency. You have lots of experience using MS Office and other software, use this strength to your advantage! Help others if you know how to, it can build a relationship and perhaps lead to more interesting work down the line. 

“What you can bring- A professional behaviours discussion” 

Self Confidence

It is absolutely natural to feel both anxious and excited when starting a new role. Employers are rarely looking for the finished products and they don’t expect you to know everything. But with time, you will become more comfortable in the role. By learning on the job, you are adding value to the organisation and are learning piece by piece. There is a reason you were chosen for the role; you have the potential to perform well. Don’t let a lack of self-confidence stand in the way of showing what you are capable of.  

  • Check your body language. Changing your body language can change the way you feel and vice versa so it's important to think about it. When you are confident you: 

    • Stand up straight  

    • Smile 

    • Make eye contact with others  

  • Look for a mentor. Whether it’s a someone more senior or a someone who is just a few years into their career finding a mentor can be a great way to build your confidence and help you develop in an organisation. Try to pick out what you think can learn from them.  

  • Praising others makes colleagues feel happy about themselves and can boost your own self-esteem. 

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Building confidence 

Having a positive attitude