Opportunities in Edinburgh

Looking for opportunities local to you?

Finding jobs and work experience within sports can be complicated. Perhaps you're a graduate looking for your first full-time job, or an Edinburgh student looking to supplement your studies with relevant experience. Whatever you're looking for, we've compiled a resource to help you.

Looking to support sports in your community?

The University provides multiple avenues for enthusiastic students to gain experience and boost their chances of a successful career in sports.

This path may appeal to you if you're hoping to enhance young people's experience in sport, or wanting to get involved in more general coaching, outside of a specific sport.

A background in sports can be a great avenue into improving people's health.

Your experience in sport can be used to improve people's lives, fitness and health.

Many people go into sports hoping to work in sports science or to get directly involved with the players.

Many of the existing jobs are found in the retail sector. This can be a good foothold in the business side of your sport and can enhance your customer service and people skills.

The sportscotland official vacancies page provides a good overview of all of the sectors listed above.

Jobs in Sport

For further job listings, take a look on MyCareerHub.