Curriculum Toolkit

An introduction to the Curriculum Toolkit – helping you embed and review student development, employability and careers in your curriculum, and prepare for Internal Periodic Review.

The ways we design and deliver our curricula can create subject experts who are well-rounded and confident individuals, prepared to achieve success in whatever they do, wherever they go.

Curriculum design and review

We have created a Curriculum Toolkit to support you in designing, reviewing and enhancing your provision.  It introduces 10 curriculum design elements drawn from research and practice across the higher education sector that can support student development, employability, and careers.  

  • Designing and enhancing:  For each element the toolkit provides motivation, examples and simple guidelines for embedding it in your curricula.  Even small design changes can make a large difference.
  • Reviewing:  The toolkit includes approaches for reviewing your own curriculum against any of the 10 design elements, helping you to identify areas of strength and development and to define your own success criteria.


The Curriculum Toolkit


Internal Periodic Review

When schools are designing a new programme or course staff must demonstrate they have taken consideration of the Graduate Attribute Framework in their design and should consider how their design supports students' development and employability.

Employability and graduate attributes are therefore part of the Internal Periodic Review process - often referred to as Teaching Programme Reviews (TPRs) and Postgraduate Programme Review (PPRs).

Your Schools' Careers Consultant is available to help at any stage in the process of preparing or following up the outcomes of a review - just get in touch.

Meet the Team

Please see the link below for more information about Internal Periodic Reviews, including guidance, schedules and reports.

Internal Periodic Review