Employ.ed for PhDs

Advice on undertaking an internship during your PhD, and information about the Employ.ed for PhDs internship programme.

PhD internships are increasingly popular in today’s competitive job market. An internship helps you to: 

  • expand your skill set beyond the skills you are acquiring as a doctoral researcher 

  • establish a valuable network outside of your department or institution 

  • gain experience in a workplace or industry that’s new to you 

The Employ.ed for PhDs programme is just one way to find an internship. For other suggestions, and advice on how to gain the maximum benefit from your internship, see the resources below. 

Employ.ed for PhDs 

 The Careers Service, with various University of Edinburgh departments and external employers, runs the Employ.ed for PhDs internship programme. These opportunities are designed to enhance your skills, attributes and employability. They are: 

  • open to all matriculated University of Edinburgh PhD students 

  • project based fixed-term contracts 

  • paid at University of Edinburgh Grade 5 (entry level) rate 

  • between 4 and 12 months in length 

  • no more than 9 hours per week for a full-time student 

Further information on the average 9 hours per week limit 

University's pay scales

“The job itself has been a welcome relief from the daily intensity of doing research as a PhD student, whilst also giving me a chance to use my research skills for a different purpose. The flexible working hours have allowed me to work round the demands of my PhD. It has been an ideal way to earn some money, under flexible and supportive working conditions within a university setting, applying some of the research and organisational skills I possess.” 

Employ.ed for PhDs student intern 

Previous projects have included: 

  • Communications PhD Intern with the Institute for Academic Development 

  • Technology Transfer with Edinburgh Innovations 

  • Sustainable Business Models for Online Learning with Information Services 

  • Research Impact Tracking with Moray House School of Education & Sport 


Hear from a previous Employ.ed For PhDs intern, Frances RowbottomBroadening my horizons with an Employ.ed for PhDs internship – Inform.ed


Internships are advertised on the University’s student jobs portal. Search for ‘Employ.ed for PhDs’. 

University's student jobs portal   

You need to upload a CV and Covering Letter for each internship you want to apply to. All opportunities close at 5pm UK time.

Support for your personal development 

Use these resources to help you at all stages of your PhD internship.  They include exercises to help you prepare for, record and review your experience. 

Download these resources to take advantage of interactive elements. 


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