Enterprise education and mindset

This page focuses on the element ‘enterprise education’. It provides a description of the element, highlights its relevance, and provides examples of enterprise education in the curriculum.


Enterprise education and building an enterprising mindset for all students, not just those that wish to set up their own business.  Enterprise activities allow all students to develop creativity, leadership, innovation, negotiation, and confidence; all of these attributes are highly valued in various work contexts.

Relevance for student development, employability and careers

Enterprise education is distinct from entrepreneurship training.  It may encapsulate entrepreneurship but importantly looks at fostering an enterprising mindset.  Enterprise education develops a range of skills valuable to our students’ effectiveness and impact within and beyond their studies.  Entrepreneurship support can unlock setting up a business as a specific career path.

Tips and things to consider

Below you will find some key tips and guidance to consider when incorporating enterprise education into curricular provision.


Examples of practice in the University of Edinburgh

There is diverse practice across the University that can be used to stimulate thinking about what is possible in your setting. 

Below is a link to a range of relevant practice from the Teaching Matters blog.  The examples come from multiple parts of the student experience and relate either partially or substantially to this element.  New articles are automatically added so check back in the future to discover some of the latest practice.

Teaching Matters: relevant articles


Further reading and external perspectives

The references below provide some background on this element as well as some of the external drivers and motivations for including it.  


Over the last decade or so there has been a large move towards embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship education into the curriculum.  The main reason enterprise education is seen as linked to employability is that the skills developed and trained in enterprise education support adaptability and creativity, which are both relevant for navigating a changing labour market, as well as attractive skills in and of themselves.  Moreover, students with such skills and entrepreneurial knowledge are seen as positive contributors to the UK economy.  Both higher education institutions and organisations such as QAA and Advance HE, have incorporated embedding enterprise education in the curriculum as strategic goals.