The Careers Service and Student Activism

Impartiality and Freedom of Expression in the context of the Careers Service 

We offer an impartial service which allows all students to make informed choices about their futures through having access to employer partners and professional networks offering opportunities that comply with UK employment legislation (or minimum quality assurance standards for non-UK employers). This is underpinned by our Code of Ethics and professional practice as members of Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS). 

As members of the University community, all students are expected to follow the Code of Student Conduct and Freedom of Expression statement to “permit freedom of thought and expression within a framework of respect for the rights of other persons.” 

Students are entitled to disagree with the ethics or practices of any organisation, and they may choose to express their disagreement at events organised by the Careers Service. In doing this and in line with the Code of Student Conduct, “all students of the University are required at all times to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in their day-to-day activities, including in their dealings with other students, staff and external organisations.” 

It is not acceptable for students to prevent other students from having access to employer representatives and their information - whether intentional or not - or to engage in behaviour, which contravenes the Code of Student Conduct, including: 

  • engaging with employers in a manner that prevents or impairs other students from speaking or listening to the employer, or puts students off approaching them 

  • demonstrating at or disrupting Careers Service events (including online) to the extent that other students or presenters feel intimidated or are prevented from engaging

  • causing actual or likely risk to the personal safety of individuals or damage to property (including blocking walkways or fire exits) 

  • using threatening or offensive behaviour or language. 

If, despite warnings, students persist in violating the Code of Student Conduct, they will be asked to identify themselves and leave the event or may be removed from an online event. 

If additional information about the organisation, which is not considered defamatory by the Director of the Careers Service, is provided to the Careers Service in advance of the event, it may be made available to all students alongside any information provided for students by the employer.  

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