Learning and training opportunities

Try incorporating learning into your career planning – whether it’s something you do for enjoyment or to contribute to your career goals, it’s a great addition to your CV.

Options at Edinburgh 

Options to continue your learning at Edinburgh include short courses and executive education, including masterclasses. For full details use the Alumni Services section of the website.  

Short Courses 

Executive Education 

Online learning  

Before you enrol:   

  • What are you hoping to achieve? – be specific   

  • How can you use it to your advantage? – consider how you’ll explain it to employers    

Use our Career Assessment tools to help you to identify what you need, or would like, to develop and/or learn.  

Career Assessments 

FutureLearn features free short courses from a range of universities and organisations.    


The Open University offers an open access free learning portal with a range of start dates and course durations.   


EdX offers the opportunity to study courses from world renowned institutions for free.


Learning may be sponsored by your employer on the LinkedIn Learning platform, which you also have access to for a short time after graduation using your university login details. Some free courses are available at an introductory level.  

LinkedIn Learning 

Making it relevant 

Remember to add any relevant personal and professional development you’re working on to your applications, particularly if you are addressing a skill from a job description which you don’t currently have.  

Employers appreciate you taking the initiative to identify and take steps towards addressing your development needs.