Take part in activities

Find out about the range of activities you could consider outside your degree programme, both within the University and beyond it


Taking part in activities available to you around your degree can build your confidence, experience and skills. There are a lot of options, both inside and outside the University. The following suggestions are just that – this isn’t prescriptive and nor would you be expected to do all of these things. The suggestions are also not exhaustive, if there are other things you are more interested in doing that’s ok. Decide what works best for you personally, financially and in the time you have available. 

We won’t go into detail here about volunteering and part-time work – these are both valuable ways to develop your experience and you can read about them on other pages. 

At university 

Within your degree, consider positions of responsibility and options to support your peers. This can include class or school representative roles and PALS schemes.  

Beyond your degree the Student Association’s many societies are a good way to make friends, try something new or take part in something you know you’ll enjoy. You could consider taking on a role too; from treasurer, to marketing, to acting as President, there are many ways to contribute while building experience. The Sports Union will offer you similar opportunities.  

Students’ Association: Programme representatives 

Students’ Association: Peer learning 

Students’ Association: Societies  

Edinburgh University Sports Union 

Outside university 

We are often asked what is the ‘best’ experience and there isn’t one answer to this – it all depends on you and what you hope to gain from it. Part-time work, work shadowing, volunteering, caring responsibilities – taking part in any of these will result in new knowledge and an increased skill set.  

Structured work experience programmes like insight days, spring weeks, internships and virtual internships are also available in some industries from your first year onwards and these are valuable – but what employers will look for is the overall package you have to offer, a rounded individual with a blend of skills, interests, experience and motivation.