Further information and references

Further information about the future of work including links to references used in compiling this glossary and future of work modelling and reports.

The future labour market will consist of rapid change and uncertainty, and a wide range of skills will be needed by individuals to deal with and navigate this uncertainty. 
  • Uncertainty and change in the labour market is driven by several megatrends including technological advances, demographic change, a new division of labour, changing work trends/business models, hollowing out of the labour market, growth of big data, climate change and political uncertainty.
  • Many of these trends are interrelated and affect each other, giving rise to great uncertainty and complexity.
  • There is ongoing debate about the likely impact of technological advances on jobs. Optimists predict new opportunities in, as yet, unknown sectors as technology drives productivity upwards and new markets emerge. Conversely, pessimists predict widespread technological displacement and consequent unemployment.
  • Despite the uncertainty there is broad agreement about the skills individuals will need.
  • You can read our Briefing Paper which provides some background to our research and a summary of the main findings:

Careers Service Future of work briefing paper

Below you will find references used to compile this skills glossary and links to some of the future of work research and modelling