Explicit recognition and valuing of employability across the curriculum

This page focuses on the element ‘explicit recognition and valuing of employability across the curriculum’. It provides a description of the element, highlights its relevance, and provides examples.


Explicit recognition and valuing of employability across the curriculum – through employability-relevant learning outcomes and assessment; highlighting and encouraging students to recognise the skills being developed; encouragement to engage with curricular, co- and extra-curricular development opportunities (e.g. part-time work, volunteering, sports and societies, or caring responsibilities).

Relevance for student development, employability and careers

The curriculum is fundamental to students’ lives at university.  It therefore has a critical role in supporting messages around employability and student development.  Ensuring students are aware of the diverse skills they develop through their degrees and encouraging them to find new development opportunities, can help students recognise and have confidence in their strengths and skills.  Increased awareness can support students’ continued personal and professional development and makes applications for future employment or further study easier and more effective.

Tips and things to consider

Below you will find some key tips and guidance to consider when developing explicit recognition and valuing of employability across the curriculum.


Examples of practice in the University of Edinburgh

There is diverse practice across the University that can be used to stimulate thinking about what is possible in your setting. 

Below is a link to a range of relevant practice from the Teaching Matters blog.  The examples come from multiple parts of the student experience and relate either partially or substantially to this element.  New articles are automatically added so check back in the future to discover some of the latest practice.

Teaching Matters: relevant articles


Further reading and external perspectives

The references below provide some background on this element as well as some of the external drivers and motivations for including it.  


These references provide the context of employability in higher education.  With the increasing focus on creating graduates who are ready to enter the workforce and contribute positively to the economy, it is seen as increasingly important to support students in developing their employability.  The references firstly highlight how employability comes from a range of experiences and achievements, showing the importance of supporting our students in gaining these.  Moreover, the references highlight the importance of developing a range of skills at university and supporting our students in recognising and articulating them.