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Careers in Sustainability (November 2024)

What is Careers in Sustainability? 

We know that many of our students and graduates are interested in a career that has a positive environmental impact and fights climate change.  

We run a series of events and resources each year to help raise awareness of careers in sustainability; to shine a light on some of the options students might like to consider.  

The aim is for students to hear from and engage with people from organisations who can provide information, inspiration and advice

Why should I get involved? 

Because you care about supporting new and diverse talent to contribute to a sustainable future. You want to help students explore their options.   

You might want to get involved because you are keen to share your personal advice and experience or because your organisation is keen to attract students.  The campaign isn’t designed to be about direct recruitment but of course we welcome participation from organisations who are actively recruiting.   

How do I get involved?  

There are 4 main ways for you to get involved - be part of one of our events, pop up on campus on a Careers & Coffee stand, advertise your upcoming events and opportunities with #EdSustainabilityCareers, or write a guest piece for our Inform.ed blog.

If you are interested in any of the options below, or would like to help us raise awareness of careers in sustainability in a different way please email us on