Make it happen

Find out how to write CVs, cover letters, applications, and how to do well at online tests, interviews, and assessment centres

A well-prepared application followed by a well-prepared interview are key steps towards achieving success in your job hunt or your progress towards further study.  

You may be feeling apprehensive at the prospect of going through the recruitment process and that’s understandable – each application will take time, and few people get every job they go for!  The good news is, there is a lot you can do to be ready for each stage - and these pages will guide you through it.

Careers Compass: Make it happen



Get started, begin to make decisions, and learn about how the graduate recruitment system in the UK works

Write CVs and cover letters, and complete application forms. Advice about references, how to explain your qualifications and how to show commercial awareness.

Selection tests are commonly used in recruitment - try some yourself

How to prepare and practise for interviews. What to expect, and how to do well, at assessment centres

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Make it Happen toolkit