What is SACHA?

Find out more about the Students as Change Agents programme and how it works.


Students as Change Agents (SACHA) is an exciting challenge-based programme which brings together students from different subjects to tackle real-world problems with a wider social, environmental, or economic impact. By joining the programme you will become a 'Change Agent' and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to the real world, with the potential to have a genuine impact and contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


In the programme you will:

Work in a multidisciplinary team

You will be placed in a group of 6-8 students who all come from various degree programmes and years of study. This is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to different learning and thinking styles which will benefit your personal and professional development.

Work on real world challenges posed by organisations

We partner with organisations from the non-profit, public and private sectors who are keen to gain exposure to students' fresh thinking to tackle the most pressing issues their sector is currently facing. You will have opportunities to network with your challenge host which may lead to further opportunities in the future.

Gain bespoke training and support for your personal and professional development

You will gain experience using tools, techniques and design-thinking frameworks that are regularly used in industry settings today. Each group will also have a coach to help you work effectively as a group to tackle your challenge.

Gain recognition for taking part

You will receive a certificate for participating on the programme and you also have the opportunity to gain additional recognition either via an Edinburgh Award or a SLICC (Student-Led, Individually-Created Course).


Don't think twice, the challenge questions are engaging and it's a unique experience where you participate online and work with other students from different disciplines. Towards the end you already find yourself with wonderful new friends.

SACHA '23 Alumni 


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If you have any questions, please contact the Students as Change Agents team via email (sacha.project@ed.ac.uk)