Employ.ed for PhDs internship programme

This internship programme offers you the opportunity to access high-level research and analytical skills from independent and motivated PhD students.

Why host a PhD intern? 

  • You will benefit from their specialist knowledge and high-level skills 

  • PhD students can be given ownership of projects and need limited supervision 

  • You will gain a fresh perspective and insights into your work 

  • You will equip a PhD student with a range of new skills and experiences that will assist their future employability 

“Having the support of a PhD intern has meant that a project, which would not otherwise have been able to be taken forward, has been realised ahead of schedule. I was very impressed by the standard of the PhD students who applied for the internship and this reinforced my belief that PhD students are a hidden resource. Working with a PhD intern has been great as it has given me the benefit of a student perspective which I have not always had.” 

Employ.ed for PhDs host manager 

Key points 

  • The internship should be project based; view it as a learning and development opportunity for the student as well as delivery of a piece of work.

  • Check that you have approval to recruit through the post approval process in your area. Please contact your budget holder and local HR team for advice on this.

  • These internships are fixed-term contracts lasting 4 to 12 months and pre-graded at UoE entry point, Grade 5.

  • These positions are based on 9 hours of work per week for full time PhD students, as the University will employ full-time PGR students for no more than an average of 9 hours per week across the academic year. We recommend that students discuss the internship with their supervisor, as well as with their employer, before committing their time.  

Further information on the average 9 hours per week limit. 

Next steps 

  1. Read our information about hosting a PhD intern which includes advice on developing a project brief: Hosting a PhD Intern on campus    
  2. Check you have approval to recruit from the budget holder and your department. 
  3. Define the project and write a job description. We can provide support with this. 
  4. Complete the Job Description template and the Job Advert template - https://www.ed.ac.uk/human-resources/a-to-z-of-forms

  5. Ask the SDA (School Department Administrator) in your area to begin the People and Money Requisition Process. For more on this, please see the People and Money User Guides.

  6. Let us know when the job is being advertised and we will advertise on social media and send an email targeting relevant students. 

  7. Your department is responsible for the interview process, selecting, inducting and on-boarding the intern. There are key tasks within the People and Money system that you and the intern will need to complete.

We provide guidance and developmental resources to help you and your intern make the most of the internship and are available throughout if you have any questions or concerns.

Please email employ.ed@ed.ac.uk for more information.

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