Workshops and employer presentations

More ways to engage with employers and others, to increase your understanding, get advice and make useful contacts.


Events of all kinds delivered by employers, alumni, or Careers Service-led, are a golden opportunity to get insight into sectors and individual organisations, polish up your skills or develop your career planning. Take advantage of them! 

We list events in MyCareerHub in the following categories.  

  • Understand yourself  If you’re looking for sessions on themes such as recognising your values, or getting started with career planning, this is where to find them.   

  • Discover what’s out there  These events are designed to give you insight into the world of work, and often focus on a particular sector. They may be delivered by employers, alumni or Careers Service staff. If you’re interested in the company to which the presenter belongs, meeting them at these events is a way to make a contact. Most of our flagship events and fairs will come into this category too.     

  • Build experience  This includes sessions associated with getting experience, including part-time jobs, and covers programmes such as the Edinburgh Award or Students as Change Agents. 

  • Make it happen    This includes employer recruitment presentations. Employers are keen to encourage our students to apply to them with high-quality, well-informed applications. To make this easier, many employers host online sessions to tell you in detail about their vacancies, the recruitment process they use, and what they want to see from candidates. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and will leave with a clearer picture of the process, as well as tips for how to do well. These sessions are sometimes arranged at short notice – check our events listings regularly to make sure you don’t miss out. 

       Sessions about writing CVs and other parts of the application process will be in this category too.  

  • Become professional  Employers share their insights into aspects of professional behaviour and how you can develop these. Watch out for our #SkillsForSuccess series. What you’ll learn from these will be widely applicable, not relevant to only one organisation. Again, if you’re interested in the company to which the presenter belongs, meeting them at these events is a way to make a contact. 


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