Sustainability & the environment

Support sustainability and protect the environment. Includes climate action, environmental consultancy, ecology, veterinary and agriculture.

Recordings of sessions from our #EdSustainabilityCareers campaigns in 2023 and 2022, which we ran with the University's Social Responsibility and Sustainability department, are here:

Careers for a Sustainable Future - playlist of recordings from 2023's campaign. Requires UoE login.

#EdSustainabilityCareers - playlist of recordings from 2022. Requires UoE login.


Find out how your work can contribute to the sustainability agenda.

Roles with a direct impact on emissions reduction; includes carbon management and carbon finance.

This involves helping companies make sure their activities don't damage the environment.

Working directly to preserve biodiversity in a range of settings from scientific labs to nature reserves.

We've linked to key resources about graduate careers in agriculture and forestry

We've linked to key resources for careers in veterinary services and animal care.