Is SACHA for me?

Find out whether the programme is for you and the benefits of joining the programme.

The programme is free and open to anyone who is:

  • A current undergraduate, postgraduate or visiting student at the University of Edinburgh from any degree programme.
  • Passionate about making a difference and contributing to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Willing to learn about the complex challenges our world faces today.
  • Wanting a unique personal and professional development opportunity during their time at the University.

Please note: 

  • You do not need any prior knowledge or previous experience to sign up to the challenges – just an inquisitive mind and a desire to a make real change in society. We will aim to match you with the challenge you are most interested in, where possible.
  • The programme is designed to be flexible and accessible to everyone. Over the course of the programme, we estimate students spend around 50 hours on the programme. 


This is the most unique project I've ever participated in. The people here are always engaged, full of dedication, supportive and respectful.

SACHA '23 Alumni


A unique personal and professional development opportunity

By participating in the programme, you will learn and practise the skills needed to tackle these challenges effectively. You will have guided support from the SACHA team and your Group Coach, who will help you develop confidence in using these skills which will prepare you for the future of work.

A mindmap of the skills we expect the students to develop through the programme. These skills are, communication, team work, communicating with impact, inclusive leadership, online collaboration, design thinking, multimedia creation, innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, research, using data ethically, project management, time management

‘I believe I successfully developed teamwork and leadership skills through SACHA, which is what I initially wanted to develop when I joined the program. I also understand how I could use my skills to fit into a multidisciplinary team, which gave me more confidence on how I could use my skills in the future. I also learnt how different people approached problems in different ways, which I believe is an extremely valuable insight.

SACHA '23 Alumni


You may also make friends and have fun!

It was amazing overall, in all aspects. I learnt valuable skills, got to know myself better and learn from others. Best of all, I made new friends through this project, despite the distance we feel very close and connected with each other!

SACHA '23 Alumni


Four students who were on the students as change agents think tank programme stood in front of a poster they made

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