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PhD Horizons (Wednesday 19 June 2024)

PhD Horizons: Career Insights for PhD students is the only careers event organised by the University of Edinburgh exclusively dedicated to the PhD community.

Statistics indicate that around 30% are likely to go into teaching or research roles in higher education and even fewer will have a long-term academic career (around 10-15%). The aim of PhD Horizons is to showcase the wide range of career opportunities outside of academia that are open to PhD graduates, encouraging them to think broadly about their options. We know our PhD students are looking for challenging and fulfilling careers and we are keen to highlight the myriad of possibilities beyond academia.  

When: Wednesday 19 June, 12:30 – 6:00pm 

Venue: McEwan Hall, Bristo Square, Edinburgh

Why should I get involved?

Because you care about supporting PhD graduates into rewarding career paths outside of academia and want to help them explore their options.  

You might want to get involved because you are keen to share your personal advice and experience or because your organisation is keen to attract students.  This event isn’t designed to be about direct recruitment but of course we welcome participation from contacts and organisations who are actively recruiting.   

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in any of the options below,  please email us on 

It was fun and I really enjoyed the other panellists' presentations and the questions. Wonderful to see such a diverse group of people - both audience and fellow panellists. 

PhD Horizons 2023 Speaker

I had attended PhD Horizons as a student in 2019 and found it a very helpful experience so I’m happy to give back. 

PhD Horizons 2023 Speaker

Which students will engage? 

  • PhD Horizons is open to PhD students at all stages of their research from all disciplines, as well as early career researchers and post-docs. PhD students make up around 13% of the University of Edinburgh student population and we know that many of these students may feel apprehensive about their career prospects following the completion of their doctoral studies. 

  • They will be encouraged to come and go throughout the day on 19 June, but we would hope that each session should attract at least 30 attendees. 

  • We are proud to have a very diverse student population – our international students make up around 49% of our student population and come from over 160 countries – naturally they are keen to hear from graduates about their chances of working in the UK and have questions about visas.   

  • You can read a useful insight into our student body on our website