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Scottish Graduate Jobs Fair (5 June 2024)

Talented students and graduates are in demand. The Scottish Graduates Jobs Fair 2024 makes it easy and cost effective to reach these students and graduates from across all of Scotland's 15 universities. 

This is Scotland's largest summer recruitment fair and has been designed to help your organisation connect with and recruit high-calibre, graduating students in a virtual setting. 

Why should you exhibit at this fair?

  • Reach across the whole of Scotland, over 15,000 graduating students in 2024

  • In-event brand building through visual stand design and content 

  • The ability to proactively search and approach best fit candidates 

  • In platform live video and meeting engagements 

Target student audience:  

  • The fair is targeted at graduating students, including undergraduate finalists and postgraduates, from across all 15 Scottish Universities, ideal for uncovering talent for your graduate opportunities

  • There are over 15,000 final year undergraduate students graduating from Scottish Universities this summer. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with some of them.

  • The fair welcomes students and graduates from a wide range of disciplines. 

Suitable for organisations:  

  • Who are looking to recruit for graduate opportunities starting in 2024

  • Of all sizes, both large, graduate recruiters and SMEs

  • From all sectors. Students come from a wide range of disciplines and interests 

About the fair

Date: Wednesday 5 June 2024, 11:00 - 16:00

Venue: Online

Cost: £200+ VAT*

*(discounted rates available)

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