Where to look for part-time and vacation jobs

How to find part-time and vacation work.


Edinburgh is a major city with a wide range of employers offering a variety of part-time work. Many part-time vacancies advertised on MyCareerHub are in the following sectors: education, health and social care, IT, marketing, and retail and sales.

Tutoring opportunities, both freelance and through tutoring websites, also feature strongly. The health and social care sector could mean working for the NHS or for private care companies; besides caring roles, these organisations will also recruit administrative staff and receptionists. Sales and customer service positions, and the hospitality and events sector, are traditional sources of many student jobs.

On this page you'll find information on where to look for part-time and vacation work. Please note that students on full-time taught postgraduate Masters courses don't have a summer vacation. 
If you're an international student looking to do part-time work, check your visa to see what applies to your circumstances. The Student Immigration Service can help you.


We advertise hundreds of part-time jobs on MyCareerHub every year. We add new vacancies daily  – check them frequently so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.  You can filter opportunities to find part-time and one-off work. We make sure these opportunities are suitable for students and advise you to use MyCareerHub as a starting point for looking for part-time options. 


Keep an eye on our #PartTimeJobofTheWeek on the Careers’ Service Twitter page where we highlight new opportunities being advertised on MyCareerHub. 

Working for the University

The University is a major employer of student staff in a variety of part-time and vacation roles and is committed to providing a high-quality employee experience. Most of these posts are advertised on University Jobs. 

These opportunities can be fixed term or more permanent, and often will be flexible so you can arrange work around your studies. You will work up to 15 hours a week during the semesters but may have options for more hours during the summer.  

Typical campus-based opportunities include: customer service roles, student ambassadors, IT support, student callers, and administrative roles. 

Jobs for students at the University  (University login required)

The University's Information Services Group (ISG) offers paid work experience for students. These opportunities are advertised on Unitemps.

Information Services Group - student employment 

The Students' Association employs students for some roles:

Students' Association Jobshop 

Also check MyCareerHub for ad hoc University opportunities.

MyCareerHub  (choose Opportunity type = on-campus employment)

Local job sites 

We can't officially endorse external websites and resources and we encourage you to research your options carefully. 

The following websites advertise part-time vacancies, many of which are suitable for students, in Edinburgh and surrounding areas: 

Research the opportunities you find on these and similar sites thoroughly before you commit to an opportunity. Be aware that sometimes job websites will advertise commission only opportunities such as one-off paid surveys and emails, and it may not be immediately obvious that they are not permanent job opportunities.  

Not every opportunity will specify the pay upfront and sometimes websites will advertise self-employed jobs or freelance work. These opportunities are worth considering but you should be aware that they may not offer the same benefits and protections as traditional jobs recruiting for permanent employees. 

If you are unsure about the terms and conditions of employment or the legitimacy of an opportunity, please contact the Advice Place based in Potterrow or, if the opportunity was advertised on MyCareerHub, contact us here at the Careers Service.

Advice Place 

Recruitment agencies 

Recruitment agencies and staffing agencies are good sources of part-time and vacation work in sectors such as health and social care, catering and hospitality. Read more about them here: 

Recruitment agencies

The Gig Economy

You've probably heard mention of this in news reports or when researching part-time jobs. This blog post outlines what it is and highlights why you should keep it in mind.

The gig economy - what does it mean for you?        Inform.ed blog

Ask around, and follow your favourites 

Take a proactive approach - ask businesses if they need any new staff. Watch out for notices in the windows of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes, which often need staff at short notice. Take a CV which is tailored to the business and be ready to give them your “sales pitch” - why you want to work for them and why you’d be suitable. Even if they don't have any current opportunities, many businesses will be willing to keep your CV on file in case they need somebody later on. 

Ask your friends and classmates too. Many will have part-time jobs and might be able to put you in touch with their employer. 

Many local organisations recruiting part-time staff use social media to advertise vacancies. We recommend following businesses you’d like to work with and monitoring their vacancies. Sometimes marketing emails from different organisations will include notices telling you that they are hiring.   

How to write your CV

You will need a National Insurance Number – here's how to get one: 

National Insurance Numbers 

Looking for some inspiration?

Read this student guest post from our Inform.ed blog on working as a waitress in a busy Edinburgh restaurant - it includes reflections on the skills developed:

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