The 10 Sectors

The Data Driven Innovation programme aims to modernise and kick-start growth in 10 different sectors. This is expected to create many opportunities for graduate employment.

Agritech is the use of technology to improve our farming practices.

Financial technology or "Fintech" is being used to automate our financial services, making them safer and more convenient for the consumer.

As host to the world's biggest arts festival, Edinburgh is a key player in this sector.

The Financial Services sector is constantly innovating to keep up with changing consumer demands.

Creative technology combines data with art, to improve the working lives of creatives in Scotland and enable them to push their art with modern techniques.

The Bayes Centre is a new hub for technological development within the University.

The University is spearheading much of the City Deal's current work with Satellites and Space Technology.

Together with Heriot-Watt, the University of Edinburgh is successfully forging new pathways in robotics development.

In the Health and Social care sector data will be used to improve health and raise the standard of care.

The Public Sector offers many career opportunities.