Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Together with Heriot-Watt, the University of Edinburgh is successfully forging new pathways in robotics development.

Why Work in Robotics

some of the most exciting work currently being conducted within the University is in the fields of Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

Robotics at the University 

The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics is a hub for teaching and research at the University. Research  at the centre focuses on the interactions amongst robots, people, environments and autonomous systems.


The EPSRC doctoral programme, a 4 year PhD programme in Robotics and Autonomous systems, is run jointly by the Universities of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt, and hosted at the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics.

Postgraduate options.

Professor of Artificial Intelligence., Michael Rovatsos, discusses collaborations between the Bayes Centre and the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics: