The Public Sector

The Public Sector offers many career opportunities.

Why get involved in the Public Sector?

Working in the public sector can be mission-driven and diverse, resulting in a rewarding and exciting career.

Gemma Cassells is the DDI sector lead for the Public Sector.

Gemma's DDI profile.

How to get Involved

Local authorities are looking to recruit graduates to build on their use of digital technology in order to  meet the demands of the future. Skills which they look for in applications will include an understanding of:

  • data and quantitative methods
  • A.I. and how it will impact the Public Sector in the coming years
  • A.I. and data ethics

This understanding needn't be comprehensive and you don't need to be backed up by a degree in artificial intelligence, but an understanding of these ethical and practical issues will help you stand out from the crowd.

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