Customer-Facing and Administration

Many of the existing jobs are found in the retail sector. This can be a good foothold in the business side of your sport and can enhance your customer service and people skills.

Administration and Operational Work

The Centre for Sports and Exercise has a small number of roles available in administration, operations and reception work. 

See Internal Opportunities.

All major sports facilities will rely on administrative and operational employees to maintain the day-to-day running of these facilities. 

  • Larger sports centres and facilities - Edinburgh Leisure, Oriam, most major gyms etc.
  • Sports governing bodies - Sportscotland, Basketball Scotland etc.
  • Sports-focused charities

These roles will often require more flexibilty than your average job. Sports-based activities rarely take place on a typical 9-to-5 schedule and tend to be more focused around evenings and weekends. Being flexible about your work hours is therefore essential.

Many employees in governing bodies also work remotely rather than out of a conventional office-setting.


Sports Retail outlets are some of the city's bigger employers and are a good source of experience. Almost any category of sport involves high levels of people-engagement and customer facing jobs like retail are a great source of experience in this.

Many of the larger retailers have their own dedicated vacancy pages:

Decathlon UK

Edinburgh Bicycle Coop

Evans Cycles

You'll also find many small and local shops catering to specific and sometimes niche sports, from juggling to skateboarding. 

These jobs can be easily found on most major job sites.