Health and Social Care

In the Health and Social care sector data will be used to improve health and raise the standard of care.

What do we mean by Health and Social Care?

The Health and Social Care sector encompasses a range of different bodies, all of which are working to improve and maintain people's health and quality of life. This encompasses everything from hospitals to charities to independent companies.

Of all the sectors, this one is perhaps the most rewarding for those who wish to make a social impact through their work, whether through the use of data or otherwise.

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What role does data have to play?

Data has the potential to transform this sector by allowing healthcare providers to massively improve the practical delivery of healthcare, but also to upgrade the IT systems that the sector is so reliant upon. It can also allow these bodies to better monitor their budgets and decide when an increase is justified.

How to get involved 

Where to look

Key players in this sector include:

  • The NHS
  • Third sector organisations like Marie Curie and British Heart foundation.
  • Local Councils
  • Industry - typically providing and supporting the I.T. systems that all of these groups rely on. Intersystems is one example operating in Edinburgh.

Necessary Skills

The following skills will give you an edge in this sector:

  • IT skills
  • A strong statistical background
  • An understanding of the ethics surrounding the introducution of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) into  healthcare and how this might affect the sector in the future
  • A passion for the social issues underpinning the sector and a desire to make positive changes in people's lives

The Future of Health & Social Care

The University is currently planning to establish a new arm of the Usher Institute out at the Little France Campus. This will act as a hub for the Health and Social care Sector as part of DDI, and will house University staff along with industry partners such as the NHS and small companies.

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