Financial technology or "Fintech" is being used to automate our financial services, making them safer and more convenient for the consumer.

Key Companies

There are too many Fintechs based in Edinburgh alone for there to be an exhaustive list here. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Nucleus is a platform that was launched by a group of seven financial adviser firms in 2006. It allows financial advisers to easily manage their clients' investments and has grown to become one of Scotland's most established Fintech companies, now employing over 100 people.
  • Monily is a platform that pulls your email receipts together with your banks statements in order to check for fraud. 

These are only a couple of examples of the ways in which Fintech is establishing itself as a tool for convenient money-management. Dozens of new Fintechs are popping up every year in Scotland, responding to demands left untapped by established businesses.

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An Insight into the Sector

Stephen Ingledew is the Chief Executive of Fintech Scotland. Here, he expands on the benefits Fintech can have for the average consumer.




Direct Paths to Fintech

The University is investing in courses to equip students with skills to tackle this sector head-on.

Masters in Finance, Technology and Policy - a recently established masters programme run by the School of Business. It looks to give students a strong understanding of markets and financial services, while equipping them to meet the demands of legislative changes in the tech sector.

MSc(Hons) Finance, Technology and Policy

FinTech PhD - a brand new Doctoral programme, planning to intake students from 2019/20 onwards. It is run by the Edinburgh Futures Institute and focusses on creating world-class entrepreneurs, with a strong bent towards Informatics and programming.

FinTech PhD

Fintech is not exclusive to those on these academic pathways. Anyone with a passion for financial services and an inventive mindset can be set up to do well in this sector.

Professor Gbenga Ibikunle is heavily involved in promoting Fintech on an academic level. Here is his insight into the Edinburgh Futures Institute programmes:


Fintech and the Future

Fintech is forming an increasingly interconnected community across Scotland. This is part of a new culture based around collaborative business. 

The Scottish Fintech Festival is just one example of the ways in which small and large Fintechs can come together to network and showcase their skills.

Scotland Fintech Festival