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Careers in Sustainability (November 2024)

What is the Careers for a Sustainable Future campaign?  

During November 2024 we’re focusing on Careers in Sustainability.  

We know that having a role where you are making a positive environmental impact or fighting climate change is important to many of you.   

During our Careers in Sustainability campaign, we’re shining a light on some of the options and providing information, inspiration, and advice on how to build skills and experience. 

This campaign is for all- it doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your career planning. Sustainability is a vital mindset for every workplace; you don't need to work in the sustainability or environmental sector to have a career that supports sustainability. 

  • We’ve worked with Social Responsibility & Sustainability  to put together a schedule of events from 6 - 15 November. 

  • Search #EdSustainabilityCareers on socials and MyCareerHub.  We’re adding this hashtag to events, vacancies and other content relevant to Sustainability theme to make them easier for you to find.  

Search #EdSustainabilityCareers on jobs & internships on MyCareerHub

Search #EdSustainabilityCareers on events on MyCareerHub

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“I know I would like to use my degree to help the planet, but I am still struggling to find my area of interest and where my motivation lies. Talks like this really helped and if anyone else is in the same situation, I highly encourage going to see as many of these as possible.”  

Student Attendee 2021

“Reinforced for me that not everyone has a straightforward career path, and it is okay not to have my long-term career path figured out just now!" 

Student Attendee 2021


Please be aware that we have been alerted to a scam which is charging students to attend fairs. Please be aware that there is NO COST TO ATTEND this fair or any of our other fairs during the academic year. If you do come across similar scams please alert these to the Careers Service as soon as possible.